Aletsch Glacier

Panoramic picture of the Aletsch Glacier (Aletschgletscher).

Aletsch Glacier

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LocationJungfraujoch (Berner Oberland)
MotiveAletsch Glacier (the biggest glacier in Switzerland)
Area/ CountryAlps of Bern
PhotographerStefan Bracher

Aletsch Glacier

The Aletsch Glacier is the longest glacier in the Alps. It starts near the Jungfraujoch, in the Bernese Alps, and stretches for more than 20 km into the Canton of Valais. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001.

The picture

The picture was taken around 2003 from the Jungfraujoch Mountain Station, which can be easily reached by train. The view looks from the top of the glacier in the direction it flows. Another picture, shows the glacier in the opposite direction, from the Bettmerhorn in the Canton of Valais.

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