Fog above the Wiriehorn.


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LocationWiriehorn, Diemtigtal
MotiveRising fog
Area/ CountryAlps of Bern
PhotographerStefan Bracher

Diemtigtal and Wiriehorn

The Diemtigtal is a valley in the Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It is located between the valleys of the Kander and the Simme, around 20km from the city of Spiez. The valley can be reached from the town of Oey-Diemtigen by car and by public bus. Although one of the less famous valleys for tourism in the Bernese Oberland, it does feature downhill ski, crosscountry ski and hiking trails.

The picture

The photo was taken during summer 2002. It shows the Wiriehorn, a peak in the region, partially covered in fog.


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